Web Development for Subscription Video On Demand Service

The Company

Spark, New Zealand

The Project

Spark NZ had a line of product offering video on demand streaming service offering latest TV shows, movie rentals and kids shows available to watch across any device including big screens, tablets or even smartphones.

Tech Stack
  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Redux

  • Node.js

  • GraphQL


  • Google Analytics

  • MongoDB

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Authentication

  • Responsive Web

The Goals
  • Ship new features to promote high viewer engagement.

  • Long pending bugs needed to be prioritized and fixed.

  • Adopt the work of migrating the existing REST APIs to GraphQL.

  • Fast and frequent releases cycles with a Sprint cadence.

The Approach
  • Worked on some of the impactful bugs to improve usability, caching and faster load times for the - viewers.

  • Worked closely with the Product teams to gather feature requirements and prioritize incremental - releases.

  • Took the approach of Atomic Design Principles and built reusable React components based on the - design.

  • Adopted Responsive Web Design fundamentals when building new components across multiple screens.

  • Developed and released small incremental features, took user feedback and reiterated. This helped - in maintaining a decent release cadence.

  • Performed tests over multiple screen sizes for the new features.

The Results
  • Long pending bugs related to performance, caching, UI and backend services were fixed. There was a significant drop in user complains.

  • Developed, migrated and shipped this new show page for TV shows, movies and kids shows.

  • Kickstarted the work for migrating existing API work to GraphQL.

Team Structure

The team consisted of 2 Engineers, an Engineering Manager and 2 Product Managers