Material-UI with React

Learn to apply Google Material Design with React using Material-UI library




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React is the most popular JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces with over 21 million downloads per month from npm. With companies like Uber, Facebook, Airbnb and many others using React, it is a solid choice to invest in learning

But, how do you make beautiful user interfaces with React? How do you make websites that follow consistent theme, buttons, typography, inputs among other important elements? This is where React leaves a lot of room for other frameworks to fill.

Material-UI is an excellent framework to develop beautiful React components faster! You can start with Google Material Design out of the box or create your own design system. This course teaches the fundamentals of Google Material Design and how to develop an end-to-end flight search and booking application using Material-UI and React.

You will be able to showcase this project in your portfolio and to your prospective employers

What you will learn

Creating a custom material theme from scratch

Working knowledge of theme, typography, and Grid System

Working knowledge of Material-UI Components from defaults to complete customisation

Developing a project from scratch to a complete product ready to be deployed

Hands-On programming of Stateless and Stateful React Components

Fundamentals of Google Material Design

Overview of ES6 features


- You must know to read and write React JS

100% online
Work at your pace and schedule.
Intermediate Level
2h 10m
Course Duration

Course support via private Slack Channel

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Hands-On Project

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Great way to learn about material-ui and react.

- Pi Emmelot