Blink Rendering Engine in a nutshell

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This course is designed to help you understand and answer these (and related) questions.

We start by showing how JavaScript is executed in the runtime, followed by introducing the ExecutionContext, Event Loop Processing Model, Browser Threading, and Processes. The course also covers the topics of blocking (synchronous) vs non-blocking (asynchronous) computations with hands-on code examples. We will demonstrate the limitations introduced by blocking computations and how to mitigate those challenges. You will learn how JavaScript code is handled by the event loop and how browsers such as Chrome schedule and prioritize code execution on the main thread.

Throughout the course, we will refer to the Chromium open-source codebase and official specification of HTML APIs and ECMAScript to assert the knowledge and understanding in this area. We will work on multiple programming problems and quizzes to deepen your understanding and retention of knowledge.

Understanding these topics separates a great developer from an average one!